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Here you will find some interesting photography by Steven dosRemedios.

I like to capture panoramic images indoors and outdoors. I process the resulting spherical images to produce 2D images and interactive media. The product of these techniques can be truly fascinating.

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High-dynamic-range panorama
Switchbacks, Whitewater River Canyon
High-dynamic-range fusion panorama.

about techniques

I use a process based on high dynamic range image processing and tone-mapping to create many of my images.

high dynamic range imaging

I create high dynamic range images by shooting multiple exposures of a scene and combining them. This HDR image is the source for derivative images and panoramas via a process called tone-mapping.

image fusion

Image fusion is the process of combining the properly exposed parts of multiple images and fusing them together into a composite. The result is an image which looks normal but retains details from the highlight and shadow regions of a scene.


The process of tone-mapping converts color and luminance to color tones of proportional brightness and then increases local contrast to enhance detail. The effect is to "compress" the dynamic range of an image, enhancing highlight and shadow detail. If over applied, images become "cooked" and no longer bear any resemblance to reality (sometimes this is the objective).

spherical projections

A series of high-dynamic-range tone-mapped images are stitched together to create an equirectangular projection from which many derivative images are created.

Series of Frames

Stitched equirectangular image

about the site

This site has been designed to efficiently display photographs and interactive panoramas for public viewing in a browser. Most of the images are hosted by Flickr. Javascript and Flash are required to view this site.

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Calibrate Your Monitor

You need to have a monitor which has been properly "tuned" to get the best possible viewing experience.

Calibrate your monitor

Adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor so that you can distinguish each of the grayscale patches.

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